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Motosports Park has two tracks open for practice.  The first is our Legacy Track first raced in 1969.  It has been modified over the years to a fun natural terrain track sure to keep you coming back for more!

The Intermediate track was built in 2004 but has been redesigned in 2012.  The Intermediate track is a moto-stadium layout with a harder surface and more man made obstacles.  



General hours are listed below but always refer to our Calendar page.


Wednesday 4pm-8pm :Dinner and A Moto!  A great groomed track ride and our grill is open for dinner.

This is a motorcycles only ride day.  This program runs Memorial Day thru Labor Day.


Non-race weekends:

Saturday 10am - 4pm (full track grooming)

Sunday 10am - 4pm (full track grooming)

The Legacy Track will be bikes only from 10am - 1pm.  At 1pm the Legacy track will be open to bikes and ATV's.

On race weekends Saturday practice will be reduced by one hour.  10am - 3pm


Requirements and Pricing

A membership to Motosports Riders Club will be MANDATORY for all riders


Season Membership includes daily ride:       $60

One day club membership including ridez:   $45

Riders under age 7 Club and Daily ride:       $30



The daily fee to ride once you have joined the club 

Daily Practice Fee     $25

Under 7 years old     $15


A rider liability release must be completed before each ride


We have 14 motorhome parking slots available with power and water hookups.  Slots rent for $30 per day.   Reservations must be made online and are recommended.  Reservations on practice days can be made here.


Motosports Park now accepts Visa / MasterCard     


All minors must be accompanied by a parent or DOCUMENTED LEGAL GUARDIAN.  An appointed guardian is responsible for a minor.  Minor rider safety is the responsibility of the natural or appointed guardian.  Documentation consists of a notarized form giving legal guardianship of the minor to an adult over age 18 that is signed by all parties.  Minors will not be allowed to ride without proper documentation.  Guardian must be present with a minor throughout the time he/she is riding.  Click the minor release tab above for an accepted minor release.

Motorcycles and ATV’s are allowed to use the track.  Motosports Park runs an Open Practice session.  Any registered rider can ride the track during park hours.  Corner workers and safety personnel are not provided.  Rider safety is contingent upon his/her good judgment.  

All vehicles must have a silencer and be in safe running order. Rider vehicles are not tech inspected.  It is the responsibility of the rider to keep his/her machine operating safely.  We recommend that all ATV’s have "nerf" bars and a tether engine stop switch.

Full safety gear is recommended, however a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, long pants, and long sleeve jersey are minimum requirements.