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Race Day Information

Gates will be open the day before the race until 11pm.  If you arrive after 11pm you can park on the road until the gate opens at 6:30am.  Fee:  $10 unless otherwise advertised.  Children seven years and under are free.  We do not have credit card machines at the gate, please have cash ready for your gate fee.

Camping is FREE!  Quiet hours from 10PM - 7AM.  Loud generators should be turned off.  All generators must have sound control.  Bathrooms and showers are available to the public.  We try to maintain a PG rating here at Motosports Park.  Thanks in advance for respecting the other patrons of the park.

Camping with hookups: We have 14 parking slots for motorhomes with power and water hookups.  Slots should be reserved using the campground reservations button above or click here.  Spots rent for $30 per night.  Check out time is 3:00pm.  You are welcome to stay past 3, but you will be charged for another day.

Pit Bikes -  You must be at least 16 to ride a pit bike on park grounds. If you have more gray hair than the owner (which is getting harder by the year!) you can operate a pit bike.  Speed limit is 5mph.  The owner of any pit vehicle is responsible for its use at all times.  Pit Bike Stupidity regardless of hair color is not allowed.  At the staff's discretion your pit bike may be impounded for the duration of the event or in special cases the owner of the vehicle may be disqualified from the days events and removed from park property.  Impounded vehicles will be turned over to the owner at the end of the event.  Safety is our main goal.  Pit bike riding can be a lot of fun, but not in the pits on race day. 

Pets must be leashed at all times.

Tracks -  The Legacy track is our original MX course which started humbly in 1969.  It is a flowing natural terrain track with wood chips, sand and man-made obstacles.  This course was completely redesigned in 2011 with the help of Track Builder Marc Peters. Every season we bring in sand, wood chips and dirt to keep the surface prime. All racing will be held on the Legacy track.


Sign-up opens at 7:00am and ends at 8:30am. Late signup is allowed, but you will miss practice.  Motosports Park uses the Trackside Kiosk software for rider entry.  This means you can swipe your AMA card for quick entry.  Remember all minors (participants under the age of 18yrs) must be physically accompanied by their parent at signup.  note to parents: your minor child must accompany you to signup.  Riders under 18 that show up without a parent or documented legal guardian will not be allowed to participate.  These rules are mandated by the AMA.  Although not all tracks you may attend follow these AMA rules, Motosports Park is AMA sanctioned and follows them without exception. All forms are available on our release page.

Transponder Scoring Motosports Park uses transponder scoring for all classes racing the Legacy track. Transponder rental is included in your race entry fee. Using transpoders ensures scoring integrity of our events and is a fantastic tool for racers. Live timing and scoring and individual lap times are available at no cost.

Race fee for A classes:            $40

Race fee  for all other classes:  $35

We accept Visa & Master Card for race signup

Motosports Park is located in the Central Time Zone.

Riders meeting begins at 8:30am.  This meeting will start on time.  It is a good idea to arrive early to avoid any lines at the gate or signup.  All riders are required to attend the riders meeting.  Here the special events, rules, and class schedule will be announced.

Race Warm Up begins immediately after the riders meeting. Practice order will be announced at the riders meeting. Each group will receive a timed practice.  Riders competing on two motorcycles are encouraged to have both machines ready to ride in thier group.  Riders participating in an unauthorized practice will be disqualified or docked positions. This schedule can and will change depending on the rider turnout.

Open A class will use transponders for timed qualifying to determine first moto gate choice.

First race begins directly after practice.  If you are in the first race of the day, you should be in the staging area during the last practice.

Race Classes: AMA District 17 class structure is followed at all D-17 events. All events will be motorcycle only unless otherwise advertised.

 Legacy Track classes:

  • 0-50cc 4-8 Stock Multi/Auto*
  • 0-50cc 4-6 Junior Stock Auto*
  • 0-50cc 7-8 Senior Stock Auto*
  • 59-65cc Senior 10-11yrs*
  • 59-65cc Junior 7-9yrs*
  • 79-85cc Junior 9-11yrs*
  • 79-85cc Senior 12-15yrs
  • 79-150 Supermini 12-16yrs
  • Schoolboy 1 12-16yrs 
  • Schoolboy 2 12-16
  • 125cc
  • 250A
  • 250B
  • 250C
  • OpenA
  • OpenB
  • OpenC
  • Women 12+ 99-250cc
  • 14-24 yrs
  • +25
  • +30A
  • +30B/C
  • +40
  • +45
  • +50A
  • +55
  • Vintage (8 model years or older, any displacement, no A riders)


*denotes classes paying 10 awards.  All others use the payout schedule in the AMA rulebook.


Trophies:  Our Nuclear Series first place trophies are over 5 feet tall!  All classes listed with an asterisk * above will pay 10 trophies.  All other classes will follow the recommendation of the AMA rule book using the 1 trophy per three riders plus 1 formula.  We will pay a minimum of three awards in each class.  We do not give participation awards.

Moto Money: If you already have enough trophies to fill a garage we offer an alternative.  Moto Money is essentially a gift certificate for Motosports Park paid to the top 5 riders in any B class.  Moto Money can be used as cash anytime throughout the season.  Use it for gate or signup fee, buy a cheeseburger or t-shirt, or even use it on an open ride day!  Moto Money payout: 1st - $12, 2nd - $10, 3rd - $8, 4th - $6, 5th - $5.