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Lets go racing this weekend!

The Nuclear Series is back for round 3 this Sunday.  The weekends round is presented by Jupiter Motorsports.  Visit to check out the areas newest Yamaha dealership.  We are looking foreword to a great weekend with groomed practice on Saturday from 11am - 3pm, then racing on Sunday normal start times.  We have been able to make some adjustments to the track including hauling in more mulch so conditions should be prime.  See you at the track!



Announcing expanded practice hours!

Motosports Park will now be open every Wednesday from 10am - 7pm.  Unfortunately we cannot offer a groomed track this day.  Judging by the feedback we have recieved that is ok with you as long as there is a place open during the week to ride.  So we will see you Wednesday!  Remember it is always a good idea to call or check the website before you drive.


Open riding this weekend!

We have a big weekend coming up.  For the first time in a while we aren't racing on Memorial Day weekend.  This is a good opportunity to do some relaxed riding  We will be open for riding Friday 3pm - 7pm, Saturday, and Sunday 11am - 4pm.  We will have both tracks groomed on Saturday and Sunday.  Come out and camp for the weekend or just pick your favorite day and go riding!  Remember we now have RV hookups - send us an email to reserve a spot.


WATVMX this weekend

We are happy to host a round of the Wisconsin ATV MX series this weekend.  This is an ATV race on the Legacy track.  We will hold a groomed track practice on Saturday from 11am - 3pm, and racing on Sunday normal times.  Visit for more information on this series and event.


Open letter to Midwest ATV riders:

So there has been plenty of electronic banter flying around over the past month.  The goal of this letter is to explain and clarify the current position of Motosports Park as it pertains to ATVs.

 It all started with an ambitious goal a few months ago.  Our intent was to build two, world class MX tracks in about a three-week time frame.   On the Legacy track things went well and the end product is a good start to our goal.  On the Hilltop track, we fell short of our goal.  I can give you plenty of reasons, but the bottom line is the Hilltop track is not fun for big machines.   I told you that we were going to make the Hilltop track something you would be excited to race on.  It was a promise I could not deliver in the time I had.  I take responsibility for the track’s shortcomings. 

 I also need to answer a direct question that has been asked several times.  Why can’t the ATVs race on the Legacy track?  The answer is simple, good track conditions for  a bike are drastically different than good conditions for a quad.  Our customer base is made up of an overwhelming percentage of bikes.  Our goal for the Legacy track is to create as close to a national style course as possible.  Achieving this goal is not possible when running ATVs during the same event as bikes.  You won’t see any pro facility run bikes and ATVs on the same day for that same reason.

 So where do we go from here?  We are committed to improving the Hilltop track regardless of who is riding on it.  This will be a continuous process until we get it right!   We are currently discussing options.  We also have some business decisions to make.  This project exposed some core issues with the business.  Is the Hilltop track being used correctly regardless of design?  We have thrown around a lot of ideas, but not settled on one solution.  Some time is needed to let the dust settle (no pun intended), fix the things that are broken, and make a solid plan to move foreword.  For the short term we continue on as planned.

 We have an event this weekend that caters only to ATVs.  All classes will race the Legacy track.  This is an opportunity for us to gauge this segment of the sport.  This weekend will play a large role in the decisions we make going foreword.  You have told me you want to race the Legacy track and here is your chance.   

 Racing is a passionate sport and often all sorts of emotions cloud the facts.  Ultimately we want the same thing: a good place to go riding.  We will continue to work toward that goal.

 Aaron Vincer