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Open ride weekend

Lots of folks are headed to Americas Motocross Track this weekend.  If you are, have fun and let a big RED BUUUD! fly for us.  For the rest of us, we can do some riding this week.  Open this Wednesday 10 - 7- track will not be groomed, but it is dry and the ruts are flattened out.  Friday Saturday and Sunday the course will be groomed and the track moto ready!  Friday practice 2pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm.  We will be closed on Monday the 4th.  Hope to see you at the track!


Nuke 4 coming this weekend

It is time for round 4 of the Nuclear Series presented by Motosports Factory!  We have had a busy off week.  We spent time re-working the Hilltop track.  So far the rider response it very positive.  This is what we had in mind when we started the project.  There are a few little tweaks left to work in, but we are ready to race!

We are very happy to have Motosports Factory out to provide trackside support.  It's always good to bring in support from our friends to the North....Wisconsin, not Canada.  These guys are known for their trackside program and racing presence.  I'm sure we will have some stiff competition this weekend from all over the midwest.  Looking foreword to it!  See you at the track.



Hilltop track upgrade now available

So we started the season with Hilltop 2.0 but it wasn't quite what we were hoping for.  We went back to work and hauled in 100+ loads of dirt.  With a little help from Chad of Petersbuilt tracks Hilltop 2.1 is now open.  The layout is very similar, but all the obstacles are enhanced.  There are whoops, lots of safe fun table top jumps, a step up and a 75 foot table top.  Everything is big bike fun and little bike safe.  Check it out tomorrow or Sunday for practice.  We hope you like it!


Open riding this week and weekend

Open ride on Wednesday 10am - 7pm.  Friday groomed track riding 3pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm.


Nuke 2 (rain date) this weekend!

The first time we tried to have this race it rained, better luck this weekend.  We will have a groomed track practice on Saturday from 11am - 3pm.  Gates open Saturday night until midnight.  Sunday gates open at 6am - signup at 6:30, riders meeting at 8:30.  A big thanks to fantastic Yamaha dealership Jupiter Motorsports for being the presenting sponsor of this round.  Click their logo below and check them out.